About Vaping

What is vaping?

Vaping is something you do with a vaporizer, which consists of a rechargeable battery, a heating element, a container for the e-liquid, and a mouthpiece. During the vaping process, a measured dose of e-liquid is deposited on a heating element (coil) and heated. This creates a (water) vapor that then can be inhaled. Breathing clean air is always healthiest, but for the confirmed smoker VaporLinQ is an undeniably better and much less harmful alternative.

VaporLinQ: your LinQ from smoking to vaping

Breathing fresh air is always healthiest. We do not advise you to start vaping and certainly not to start smoking; but if you have to choose between smoking and vaping, the new VaporLinQ vaporizers and e-liquids are the best alternative for many reasons. If you have found the right vaporizer and e-liquid for you, it will still take one to two weeks before you get accustomed to the taste and convenience of electric smoking, with all its corresponding benefits.

Vaping and the environment

Vaping is not only less harmful to your own health and the health of your loved ones, but also to the environment. No smoke containing tar is produced; there is no ash, smelly clothes or cigarette butts and packages, hundreds of tons of which enter the environment annually.

We ask you not to deposit your vaporizer and / or battery with the regular garbage, but in a dedicated battery bin. We are environmentally aware, and are also members of Stibat (www.stibat.nl) which ensures that batteries are collected and disposed of correctly. Liquids are non-toxic and can be flushed or disposed of as regular waste.

When vaping and trying to convince your friends to stop smoking – or at least go from smoking to vaping – you are also being socially responsible.

New to vaping?

We recommend people new to vaping to start with one of the tobacco flavors with a nicotine level corresponding to the cigarette you smoke now. This makes the switch from smoking to vaping easier and faster. If you smoke light cigarettes, choose a liquid with 6mg nicotine. A standard cigarette is equivalent to 12mg nicotine liquids. For heavy smokers, we recommend the 18mg e-liquid. We also recommend purchasing the odorless neutral e-liquid (Neutral Delight) which allows you to dilute the liquids with nicotine, in order to create the right flavor and experience. If a flavor is too light, you can mix it with e-liquid with a higher concentration of nicotine.

Regarding the different vaporizer models, we recommend starting with the elegant Cig-a-LinQ Cartridge or Taster. If you already up for the next step, you can go for a more advanced vaporizer: the Next.

For optimal taste experience, we recommend using VaporLinQ liquids in combination with our VaporLinQ vaporizers and e-cigarettes. 

Switching from smoking to vaping = habituation

There are many reasons to start vaping, but it takes some perseverance and time to get used to it. It’s like learning to drink coffee without milk and sugar. A common first reaction is ‘it’s different to traditional smoking’. That’s right, and it’s mainly because the vaping process leaves no substances behind in the mouth, nose, face and clothes. These harmful substances and foul odors are something you will gradually forget as you experiment with mixing flavors, different nicotine levels and the type of vaporizer. It takes time, but the health and welfare of you and the people around you, are more than worth it.